Who Are We?

Exercise is fun if you enjoy sweating.

Cycling is the most popular exercises in the world. It is a great outdoor activity for family and friends alike. When we are cycling with friends, some people enjoy the adrenaline rush at high speed, while others like to leisurely sightseeing on the road. Also the physical capabilities differ among individuals. As a result, those with stronger physical traits arrive at relay points quicker than those with weaker physical endurance.
Even while it's about re-start timing, the laggards might just arrive. So, those with stronger physical traits always have more time to rest and regain strength. In contrast, those with weaker physical traits always have too less time to rest, cannot regain strength. For an example, a enthusiast needs his family's help to lift the bike to his house which is on the second floor in the department after 100 kilometers' cycling.
Exercise is supposed to be fun and enjoyable. However, aches, tension and stiffness associated with muscle fatigue often affect the daily work and life.
Fortunately, thanks to the advance in the biotechnology technology and high quality amino acid supplements, makes aminoMax is the leader of biotechnology brand. aminoMax product is good at helping muscles to quickly recover from fatigue. With such good efficacy, amioMax speaks for itself, we let the enthusiasts can really enjoy in cycling.
And also we thank doctors, pharmacists and nutritionists for their research and clinical assistance during the infant phase of product development. The involvement of professional medical experts helps aminoMax to gain the trust of the public, and this also explains why many medical personnel choose aminoMax over other brands.

There are responsibilities that we insist,

1. Development

All products are developed by professional pharmacists and nutritionists and tested by top athletes nationwide and international

2. Quality

The sources of raw materials and the production process are rigorously tested and comply with national and international certifications: HACCP, GMP, ISO9002 and ISO20002. The products are approved by U.S.A. FDA. The “plus super power 9600” series products are vegetarian and “Halal” certificated supplies. The only one which has “Halal” certification supplement products.

3. Safety

All products pass SGS food chemical testing. Test items include 5 types of Plasticizers, 180 drug ingredients, 5 heavy metal residues and 3 microorganisms.

4. Care

Final packaging are outsources to disability welfare institutions. Considering the environment and the safety of physically challenged workers, no plastic wrap is used. When you choose aminoMax series products, you also contribute to the environment and disadvantaged minority.

5. Contribute

aminomax focus on promoting each kind of exercise and support professional pharmacists’ training and nurturing.

In the future

Because aminomax knows the core of the sport is actually people, without people there aren't any sport would be meaningful. The essence of sport competition in the same external . Participants create different possibilities under various circumstances (and it's largely due to the physical fitness of the participants factor). Interweaving with each other brings out the fascination of contestants and spectators. aminomax has to pull out all the products to enable players to improve athletic performance and increase the chance of winning competitions. Physical sports enthusiasts invest in their own athletic performance. amionmax is suitable for weekend athletics and professional athletics, help them to build up fitness in a buoyant mood.