Salt Tablet

Feature of Product

  • High doses of sodium
  • Zipper bag for easy storage
  • The taste is refreshing with lemon aroma.

About this Product

Electrolyte is a water-soluble conductive substance and an essential element to maintain the functioning of cells. Sodium, magnesium, and potassium can maintain the balance of body water and pH, maintain normal water content, and assist in normal operation. Electrolyte imbalance may cause muscle cramps.

                                          Suggested Usage                                         

More than 40 minutes during exercise and use it with water 100-200ml.
Depending on weather conditions, personal physical conditions, and sweating conditions, supplement 1-2 tablets during the competition.

Ingredient: Sodium CitrateElectrolyte Powder(Sodium chloridePotassium CitrateMagnesium Carbonate Calcium Carbonate) Lemon Juice PowderMaltodextrinPolyvinyl-PyrrolidoneMagnesium StearateSilicon DioxideVitamin B6Vitamin B1Vitamin B2Vitamin B12
Nutrition Facts
Per serving 1 tablet
This package contains 25 servings

Each servingDV%
Vitamin B10.02mg1%
Vitamin B20.01mg1%
Vitamin B60.02mg1%
Vitamin B120.03ug1%