BCAA-Plus++ Instant Powder


Feature of Product

  • 4000mg of BCAA per package
  • Using spray granulation technology
  • The new BCAA powder particles no longer bitter
  • Suitable for vegan
  • Products comply with HACCP.GMP.HALA and ISO9002 certification

About this product
Using spray granulation technology, you can better swallow BCAA, which was hardly soluble in water It contains 4g of BCAA and 1g of flavoring. Keep the original BCAA granule powder away from bitterness and taste better.
What are the benefits of BCAA?

  1. Improve the growth of muscle endurance
  2. Recovery of muscle strength after exercise
  3. Maintain muscle cells
  4. Protect muscle tissue
  5. Effectively prevent muscle degradation

How to use
One packet at a time (with appropriate amount of boiling water)
30 minutes before exercise / during exercise / within 30 minutes after exercise
It can be used according to individual muscle endurance and exercise intensity evaluation, during exercise

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