Feature of Product

  • 4000mg of BCAA per package
  • Supplement electrolytes and minerals
  • Vitamin B complex
  • Instant Powder and convenient to carry  
  • Vegan edible

About this product
The high concentration of BCAA branched amino acids combine with Multivitamin and electrolyte sports drink. It can regulate physiological functions during exercise. It is the best supplement drink during exercise and sweating. Lime orange tastes sweet and sour.
What are the benefits of BCAA?

  1. Improve the growth of muscle endurance
  2. Recovery of muscle strength after exercise
  3. Maintain muscle cells
  4. Protect muscle tissue
  5. Effectively prevent muscle degradation

How to use
Each packet is brewed with cold or warm water at 600 ~ 1000 c.c.
400 ~ 600c.c per hour during exercise
It can be used according to individual muscle endurance and exercise intensity evaluation, during exercise
Ingredient: GlucoseSucroseCitric AcidL-LeucineL-GlutamineSodium chlorideLime-orange flavorL-ValineL-IsoleucinePotassium Chloride Calcium citrateLemon juice powderSucraloseMagnesium gluconateSilicon dioxideVitamin B complex(VitB6VitB2NicotinamideVitB1Calcium pantothenateFolic acidBiotinVitB12) L-Arginine.
Nutrition facts
Serving Size 1package (20g)
Servings per Container 5

Total Carbohydrate13.5g5%